[nos-bbs] Changing default user parameters?

Don Moore donmoore at rogers.com
Tue Dec 22 11:14:52 EST 2009

I believe that can be done in the ftpusers file.
Something like
univperm * /jnos/public 16384 (plus any other permissions)

If you expect for new users to NOT have to register then you need to add this to your autoexec.nos file...
mbox register off

Also to see only the prompt and no alias you need this statement in autoexec.nos..
mbox showalias off (will shut off the alias listing of the mailbox)
mbox nrid  off (this removes the  NODE:call prompt for new users)

That will put the person into his/her own area.   If you are not wanting them to know they are in their own area, that is another issue.

Don - ve3zda

From: Doug Kalish <kalish.doug at gmail.com>
To: nos-bbs at tapr.org
Sent: Mon, December 21, 2009 9:28:34 PM
Subject: [nos-bbs] Changing default user parameters?

We want all of our new users to be experts with no area prompt.  Is there a
way to do this aside from changing the source code?

KA3L Doug

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