[nos-bbs] Trace

George [Skip] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Fri Aug 7 22:24:52 EDT 2009

HUH - I guess we may disagree just a little Jay.

Jay Nugent wrote:
> >>SNIP<<
>    Just tested mine and it doesn't care whether I use the leading zero or 
> not.  So the parser does exactly what the NOSintro book described - and 
> the leading zero is not needed.
>    trace 144.93 0211
>    144.93 input output (Hex/ASCII dump)
>    trace 144.93 211
>    144.93 input output (Hex/ASCII dump)
I find the same here.  Interesting.  My test tonight with jnos2.0f shows 
that the prefixes " ", " 0", and " 0x",  all produce the same result 
when the flag set is "211".  Nice.  My memory is not good enough to 
recall which rev. I used  when I found a difference to be in effect, it 
was years ago and I've had many coffee breaks since then without 
retraining.  So now it seems the best advise to cover all revs is:
      "If the trace output is not what you expect from the flags you 
set, then prepend "0x" and try again."
I'll modify the wiki accordingly.  It took extra programmer labor to 
make BTIO simple [number base agnostic] and for that we all benefit.

BTW, the table needs B=2, B=4, and T=3 too?  When this command is 
rendered to a GUI with little square check-boxes for B and little round 
radio-buttons for T, I, and O, then maybe we can revisit the KISS 
thing.  Until then the semantics of the command requires understanding 
of the additive nature of B and the selector nature of TIO and KISS is a 
reach.  I'd like to find a copy of the NOSintro book for my library just 
for grins...


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