[nos-bbs] Reject Bulletins - Jnos2g

Jack jeifer at cwo.com
Wed Aug 5 20:39:40 EDT 2009


Does anyone know if JNOS-2g has a file, similar to the  file 
called 'reject.dat' that TNOS and FBB uses to check incoming 
bulletins. The file servers to accept or reject specific 
bulletins based on their originating callsign, subject@, 
@designator, or size?

All I can find in the JNOS docs and file structure is the 
'rewrite' file. At best, Jnos can only 'hold' bulletins, if 
that feature is 'defined' in the compile. Perhaps I've 
overlooked something in the docs.

73, Jack AA6HF

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