[nos-bbs] Pactor and JNOS

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Sep 30 17:08:35 EDT 2008

Hi Darko,

I have combined all your questions into one email response.

> For example, you said that HFDD is somehow compatible with AirMail client

I use Airmail for most of my testing of the JNOS pactor stuff, since that
seems to be the 'client of the day' when it comes to pactor messaging.

> How AirMail can check for new mail when HF port user has always 0 (zero)
> new mails/messages ??

The same way FBB does too. It connects, there is a FBB protocol that is
followed, and if no mail is waiting, the session is very short :) Perhaps
I do not understand the question.

> Are here any other JNOS users with SCS modems ?

Right now ? I doubt it. There were one or two people in the past that tried
it, but it is an expensive modem, why would anyone want to run it in JNOS,
except for myself perhaps. I have had it working enough to be able to pass
messages. Once I finish up with the PK232 code, I will go back to the other
modems and *improve* the code for those. I have learned alot of good things
with the PK232 development.

> In one older hfdd.txt :
>   [JNOS-2.0c4-BFHIM$]
>   You have 10 messages  -  0 new.
>   Area: ve4klm (#1) >
>   c ptcpro wu3v
>   Trying... The escape sequence is: +++<CR>

> on our JNOS we got this:
> > c ptcpro 9a5ex
> > Area: 9a3li Current msg# 1.
> So, no "Trying... The escape sequence is: +++<CR>"

> any idea why ?

I do not support the older versions of HFDD anymore. As a matter of fact,
if you read the latest HFDD documentation on my website, you will see there
is no longer any ability for *keyboarding* style connections. It is strictly
for forwarding between systems now. The *keyboarding* introduced too many
programming challenges, so I put it on hold for now. JNOS now simply sits
there and monitors for pactor connections from a remote client. There is
an 'mbox ki [callsign]' option to initiate forwarding from JNOS to any
remote pactor client, but if the remote is Airmail, it simply has not
worked very well. I have had it work with an actuall WL2K PMO a while

> > on our JNOS we got this:
> >> c ptcpro 9a5ex
> >> Area: 9a3li Current msg# 1.
> >
> LOG:
> 08:39:34  - null function at this time
> 08:39:59  - null function at this time

Like I said, the ability to CONNECT from the JNOS bbs prompt as a
user no longer exists. Perhaps I will try again in a future release,
but there were too many problems, so I shelved the idea. JNOS just
sits and listens for incoming pactor connects for the most part.

> on JNOS users list looks like:

> Users:
> Uplink   (9A3LI-1 on port cfm)  ->  Idle
> Pactor   (9A5EX)                    <--> Downlink (9A1CFM-5 on port cfm)

This is obviously on an older version using *keyboarding* through the
pactor port. This is not recommended, there was not enough work done on
the HFDD code to make it work very well. The lastest HFDD this is no
longer possible.

That's the best I can offer right now.

Best 73

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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