[nos-bbs] IP-over-ax25

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Sun Sep 28 06:28:51 EDT 2008

Hi group(s),

I plan to investigate the possibilities of using smtp mail clients 
(Thunderbird or like) and http clients (Firefox or like) to approach 
smtp and http services at the nearest academic (Internet) network. (At 
the moment, I reach them by dial-up.)

The idea is to use the following setup:

Here I have Linux Mandrake 9.1 (~ 2001 or so) with ax25 stuff installed
and LinFBB with 1 AXIP port and 1 Telnet port. From that machine I am
capable to telnet a DOS Xrouter/JNOS 80286 machine that is also in the 
same LAN, or to 'connect' to it by using AXIP over the same LAN.

Instead of Linux, I can boot to W2k/XP, which have BPQ32+AXIP
and all sorts of WinFBB. From there, it is also possible to telnet to 
DOS Xrouter (or JNOS) machine, or to connect it via AXIP.

Regardless Linux or Windows, I am capable to communicate ordinary ham 
packet traffic between FBB and the other comp (JNOS/Xrouter). When JNOS 
is active, it runs as a packet-only BBS with kiss TNC 1200 bps on VHF. 
When Xrouter is active, it runs as a simple ax25 node (for now).

The idea is to keep the same hardware configuration, but to add the 
ability to use IP-over-ax25 features of Xrouter (or JNOS instead) in 
order to communicate with the same or similar equipment, planned for 
installation at the university:

|---------- 1st LAN ---------|                  |-------- 2nd LAN -----|
University IP + JNOS (Xrouter) --> VHF 1200 bps <-- JNOS + Windows/Linux
  HTTP/POP3/SMTP servers                          HTTP/POP3/SMTP clients

Is there any existing experience with such kind of ham/academic 
activity? Any pointers and ideas are welcome.

Besides ham radio tests, I need something like that to experiment with 
for the sake of my master studies. My professors asked me earlier to 
make as many theoretical scientific papers and participate to technical 
conferences as possible. But after my doing a lot of that, it seems they 
are not much interested in ham radio anymore :-(  but prefer rather 
WiMax, Skype and other commercial systems instead.

I hope that a kind of interconnection between TCPIP and AX25 worlds 
might draw their attention again :-)


Misko YT7MPB

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