[nos-bbs] Pactor and JNOS

9A3LI 9a3li at hamradio.hr
Sat Sep 27 14:43:42 EDT 2008

We had SMTP problem, error in compiling new version, so
maybe we done some more mistakes with HFDD port too ?!

Im sure that our PTC-IIpro isnt different a lot with
older versions, so all commands must work with "pro" box.

> Ports on our JNOS:
> Available AX.25 Ports:
> cfm    :  Link to 9A1CFM
> Available HFDD Ports:
> ptcpro :  hf - Pactor 9A1CRA

In one older hfdd.txt :
   You have 10 messages  -  0 new.
   Area: ve4klm (#1) >
   c ptcpro wu3v
   Trying... The escape sequence is: +++<CR>

on our JNOS we got this:
> c ptcpro 9a5ex
> Area: 9a3li Current msg# 1.

So, no "Trying... The escape sequence is: +++<CR>"

any idea why ?

73 !


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