[nos-bbs] Ricochet modem

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Thu May 15 13:03:41 EDT 2008

> Does anyone have any experience using a Ricochet modem on JNOS? I seem to
> remember some talk about it but a long time ago. What I'd like to do is to
> use two Ricochet modems to connect two JNOS systems.

I've used them as simple (telephone) modems on the system.  Real IP
connectivity can be obtained with the Linux drivers but this was quick
and simple.  Here's my JNOS startup script to set a Ricochet for
answering connections:


vodall at ubravo:/etc/ax25/jnos2$ cat ricochet.nos

attach asy ttyS4 - ax25 rico 1536 512 38400
ifconfig rico descript "Ricochet RF Access"
param rico up
comm rico "atz e0 q1 s0=1"
pause 2
start tip rico modem 300


Bill - WA7NWP

PS.  I catch them on Ebay from time to time but not near as often as before.

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