[nos-bbs] multitasking jnos

(Skip) K8RRA k8rra at ameritech.net
Wed May 30 09:28:54 EDT 2007

This is a new thread - interesting perhaps only to myself?

In the past year, I have asked about the subject of "pacing" a couple
times without response.  What I saw was that jnos took some time to
process stuff I thought should be quite quick.  Certainly it is a low
level issue since jnos did *correctly* process...

Pacing is probably not a good word, task scheduling may be a better name
for the issue.  I recognize that DOS and UNIX are both suitable
platforms for jnos and these OS's come with significantly different task
scheduling facilities.

In resolving the parameter issue discussed in previous mail, I created a
situation where I asked for DNS plus telnet services simultaneously with
FTPD services.  The results were disappointing.  At the OS level I also
placed a nice=-10 on jnos to force more aggressive scheduling and
quicker response.  No joy.

Another observation on my site is that jnos has a miniscule demand on
the processor.  When sorting the process list on the CPU-USEAGE
parameter, I have never seen jnos above position #5 out of more than 100
processes.  Mostly jnos is below the 50% mark, many of the processes
above jnos are actually "sleeping"...

The question this brings me to is this:
Does jnos contain a task scheduling algorithm that is suitable for DOS
but may be redundant with linux task scheduling?  Then if jnos does
contain a task scheduler, is there a way to permit higher CPU
utilization on a Linux platform?

de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k

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