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Wed May 2 14:22:03 EDT 2007

Oh my Ryan, not good news.

On Sat, 2007-04-28 at 22:37 -0400, kb8pmy at fuse.net wrote:
> Yes that is on.  I am very confused.
This is not a good state of mind.
>   I am going to have to give it a break for a while.  I am getting a headache from working on it.
Is a dark malty beer on your list of cures?
>   Give me a few days away from it and I will look again.  I need a fresh mind and I might be able to get it right then.
> Talk to you very soon!!
I hope so...

Perhaps we can help each other?
I have heard some recent review of my writing - "too hard to
This is *not* a good thing when trying to be understood.

Your feedback in your own words of what you think I am saying might take
away your headache.  Allow me to say "it" again in different words
before you reach that "I am confused" state again?

And this exchange may well clutter this reflector - so let's consider
taking it to direct mail?  I don't mind the public view, but this may
not be the venue for me to work on writing style...  In any case if
there is a more clear way to say what I have said I'd welcome hearing

The ball is in your court / you lead the dance - let me know...
> 73
> Ryan
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