[nos-bbs] My response - JNOS not being a race car, having stress problems.

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Jun 2 00:17:54 EDT 2007


> Now THAT was a LOT of heat for what I wrote yesterday.

I suppose it was.

> For any new or casual users: you have a better chance at the
> lottery than to see what I saw ?

Hardly ! Especially if you start with the simple INSTALLERS.

That's the last thing any new NOS users needs to hear.

> Still at the risk of being misread again, it seems to this writer that
> jnos has a potential to respond in an erratic way when jnos is abused by
> mis-setting perhaps only one tuning parameter.

Now that is a clear statement. The best you can do is document the erratic
behavior, until it is fixed. BUT, I need to know the configuration at both
ends, I need to know how to reproduce the erractice behavior, if I am to
fix it. I'm sure you understand the immense efforts required to fix not
just the case, but perhaps the many cases you have found. The best that
can be done aside from immediately fixing the problems is to document 
these cases. Okay, so that is the purpose of your WIKI by the looks
of it - a respectable undertaking, and not a small task at that.

In a perfect world, I would go to your WIKI and I would go through
the cases one by one, reproducing each of them based on configurations
and data you provided in your documentation, then create a fix for them.

Skip, you and I both know the logistics of accomplishing this. I have
a full time job, and statistically have passed the half way mark of my
life. I don't think there is any time left to do the above :-)

> Crash may be related to a bad domain.txt. That is pretty direct, but
> bad data causing crashes is never a good thing ?

If bad data in domain.txt is causing crashes, I DEFINITELY want to 
know about it. It needs to be fixed ! If you can, please reproduce
the crash, use the GNU Debugger (gdb) and get me the data I need to
find out where it is crashing. THen it can be fixed once and for all.

> This is not about slowing down under load ... [snip] ... THIS IS a
> statement that jnos SEEMS TO act in irrational ways when it "abused"
> with poorly set parameters.

Clear, and understood.

> This event that made all these words might make a case that I simply
> don't know what I am doing.  Make it if you are interested.  On the
> other hand, if you want to attract new users perhaps making application
> issues disappear deserves a prominent piece in that plan.

Fair enough. But at the same time, if these issues are such that they are
causing an immense amount of grief to people, then I need those people to
report these issues to me so that they WILL disappear. The issues can not
just be generally reported. I need details, gdb dumps, configs, what was

> So I hope I'm (we're) done with this topic and we can happily get on...

Yes, WE are done with this topic ...

and WE are always happy on this list :-)

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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