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Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Fri Feb 2 21:21:22 EST 2007


Have you tried configuring Evolution to route all mail to JNOS,  
rather than to your ISP?  It's been a while, but I think I was able  
to use JNOS as my local SMTP server at one time.

Alternately, you should be able run a local smtp server using  
something like Exim or Postfix and set Evolution (or any client)  
deliver all outgoing mail to that.  You can then use route statements  
to specify different routes for 44 addresses via JNOS and non-44  
address via your ISP's default gateway (or directly to the internet).

Bob, N7XY

On Feb 2, 2007, at 2:33 PM, (Skip) K8RRA wrote:

> Your timing for todays post is ironic Maiko...
> Speaking to the topic of your post directly, I and those who I rub  
> elbows with in my jnos world would ask for nothing of you in terms  
> of features and performance.  Your jnos is nicely done.  I remain  
> dedicated to publishing a documentation pointed at jnos but must  
> report my publishing date has slipped drastically for lack of man  
> hours.  I pray you will deal with adjustments for platform  
> variation via this reflector so I can pick up the gist and include  
> it in my work for future users.
> Speaking to your timing, I have run into an interesting hitch in  
> fleshing out my jnos environment.  I have been partially successful  
> in hooking up my regular mail agent to jnos via POP and SMTP.  Here  
> is the background:
> My node is k8rra.ampr.org,, and I am POPing mail for  
> k8rra from jnos mail queue to Evolution, and Mozilla, and I expect  
> also Outlook Express (but not tested), successfully.
> This puts all my mail from both Internet and jnos sources into the  
> same "basket".
> I am partially successful at reply delivery to (or thru) jnos.   
> Mail to any-call at or any-call at k8rra.ampr.org is  
> delivered faithfully to the jnos mail queue "locally".  Should I  
> reply from the jnos BBS mail agent, all is fine.  But regretfully  
> address of the nature any-call at 44.(any other subnet) fails to be  
> accepted from Evolution, the message is "mailbox not available.".   
> My understanding of this is that jnos SMTP will accept only mail  
> directed to the "local" mail queue, and will not act to forward  
> mail to remote mail queues, and because Evolution is built to  
> deliver mail to only one ISP URL for all addresses I can not  
> configure Evolution to deliver "remote" mail via jnos.
> Now, the fact is I probably don't understand all I need to know to  
> be successful in the above effort.  The other possibility is that  
> jnos SMTP is somehow different from the SMTP present at my ISP.   
> Can you speak to this?
> I'd like it if I need to revise my configuration a little.  I'd  
> like it a lot less if SMTP in jnos required you to revise jnos to  
> accommodate remote mail visa vie SMTP at my ISP.  I've recently  
> seen the use of fetchmail with jnos for incoming mail, and I guess  
> as a fall-back solution I'd accept interposing a utility between  
> Evolution and jnos if that would permit jnos to deliver remote mail  
> from Evolution.
> I am NOT the the first to exercise this feature set (or something  
> similar) in this way - perhaps I'm not exactly replicating others.   
> I directed a brief request to Jay WB8TKL from jnos but I believe I  
> botched his address there...  In any case this subject is certainly  
> open to comment from anywhere.
> Thanks for any light you can shine on this situation.
> On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 09:50 -0600, Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) wrote:
>> Greetings all, Time again to update people as to the happenings of  
>> the JNOS 2 project. Many of you have probably noticed that I have  
>> not released alot of upgrades lately, >>SNIP<<
> 73
> de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
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