[nos-bbs] Re: Ip-Ip tunnels on "real" routers

David Henderson hendersondb at acm.org
Sat Aug 11 22:15:37 EDT 2007

In response to
David VK2KWY:
>Is anyone doing IP-IP tunnelling between AMPRnet sub-nets using router
>hardware instead of the NOS engine? I'm particularly interested in...

Anton RV3DHC wrote:
>Hmmm, It seems it's a great idea to set IP-IP tunneling up
>in AMPR-Net, ain't it?

I think you've mis-understood. The last time I looked in detail, the
geographically seperate bits of network 44/8 were primarly linked by
IP-IP tunnels between NOS-machines with a single advertised route
courtesy of mirrorshades at UCSD. I was just wondering if anybody was
using a dedicated router to terminate the 44-net tunnels across the
Internet, instead of runing NOS-based routeing/tunneling - not putting
additional tunnels on top of AMPRnet.

David VK2KWY

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