[nos-bbs] Jnos 2.0e & Ubuntu version 6.06 Question

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Sun Sep 17 14:47:44 EDT 2006

On Sep 17, 2006, at 5:07 AM, Larry Shields wrote:

>> SHOCK -- no development system or C compiler...
>> I was looking for eclipse with gcc or some alternative - nada.
>> Perhaps live DVD demos consider C too geeky / they did include  
>> some hiigh level programming stuff.
> *I didn't even give it any thought, that Ubuntu did not have any  
> compiling tools with this version hum, so now I am trying to  
> install these tools from what I can find out which ones that I am  
> in need of...*

Hi Larry and all,

I'm just lurking here (I haven't run JNOS for several years) but  
Ubuntu, being a single-CD distribution, cannot fit all the tools into  
the disk.  To get the basic stuff needed for compilation there is a  
'build-essential' package which can be installed with apt-get or  
synaptic.  It is a dummy package depending on gcc, make and a few  
others.  JNOS may require additional tools and/or libraries, but that  
will be a start.

73 - Bob, N7XY

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