[nos-bbs] What platform you compiled JNOS 2.0e on ?

Larry Shields larry at isp.com
Fri Sep 15 10:34:53 EDT 2006

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) wrote:

> Greetings to all,
> It's time for me to update my 'system requirements' page.
> I would very much like to know what environment everyone has successfully
> compiled and linked the JNOS 2.0e software on. It would also be nice 
> to know
> that it actually runs on the same environment.
> IF you are running JNOS, but did not compile it yourself, PLEASE don't 
> report it to me. I'm more interested in the compile environment, not the
> runtime environment.
> Linux and OS/X users please include the following details :
>  1) Distribution, for example - 'Slackware 10.1', or 'Ubuntu 6.0.?'
>  2) GLIB version. Locate the libc.so module using 'locate libc.so', and
>     then run it from the command line, for example '/lib/libc.so.6', 
> which
>     will dump out the version. Or use 'rpm -qa | grep glibc', or whatever
>     else works for you.
>  3) GCC version. Just enter the command 'gcc -v'.
>  4) Version of kernel, use the 'uname -a' command please.
> Thank's in advance.
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
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*Hello Maiko,

My OS is ubuntu version 6.06...
The glibc version 2.3.6 compiled by GNU CC version 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 
Compiled on a Linux 2.6.11 system on 2006-05-21.

The kernel version is 2.6.15-26-386 #1 PREEMPT Thu Aug 3 02:52:00 UTC 
i686 GNU/Linux

But now having edited the config.h script, I tried the make command, and 
I get this:

No target specified and no makefile found. What is the problem here, may 
I ask...???

I have followed the information on how to compile Jnos 2.0e that you 
gave me...

Any help on this would be appreciated...

Thanks Larry

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