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Your research seems "on the mark" Maiko.

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 12:00 -0500, Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) wrote:

> Greetings,
> >>SNIP<< The latest GCC and GLIB do not
> support the SETJMP and LONGJMP (in that it's hidden from the programmer
> now).

Isn't this a "natural progression"?
With early DOS development, the system had few responsibilities and the
application had many.
With late Linux & MS-Win the kernal and drivers automate much to reduce
the application responsibilities.
Perhaps jnos suffers today from neglect (I hate that word actually) to
remain current year by year thru that progression?

Even though jnos consumes few CPU cycles making multi-core processors
and cluster computing unnecessary, that is the direction processors and
languages are trended.  You started a (in my opinion) a good thing when
you set the stage for using library calls to replace native code.
Perhaps THREAD is just another part of that modernization process?  And
there is an (endless?) set of related issues: Barrys directory
structure, executing jnos in user space / not root space, simplify &
automating installation...  In saying that I don't mean to understate
the labor involved.



> So there you have it, some challenges for NOS in general, as operating
> systems progress further and further, and system internals are more
> and more hidden from the programmer as time goes on ...

MANY projects are known to reach a point in feature development and stop
for a "housekeeping".
After the code is restructured (not a menial task) development continues
often more rapidly.
Sounds like you may be announcing jnos / nos has reached a similar

As a side-thread LINUX FORMAT Sept 2006 page 46 has a very interesting
article titled "GET SPIKED".
The focus is to validate the stack of application, platform, and
hardware.  In jnos case the approach to validation automates a test
suite for all the varieties you choose to support, and all the features
you choose it install.  They describe a heads-up business plan...

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jnos is a great tool.

de George (Skip) VerDuin K8RRA k
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