[nos-bbs] jnos on Debian sarge

Michel Beaudry ve2bcw at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 11:32:45 EST 2006

Hi Maiko,

Some good news....

after more testing, yes the problem is caused by aprs traffic coming in.
I tested this on three diffrent machines running Debian sarge and
using the installer version of jnos with your autoexec.nos.

When testing my new installation I was listening to the aprs frequency
here in Ottawa 144.390 (they have more traffic)
to see if jnos was receiving packets and on the first packet received
it killed jnos all the time everytime.

No such problem on the regular packet frequency :-)

jnos is fine on aprs frequency when compiled with only the tun
interface defined.

hope this helps


2006/1/19, maiko at pcs.mb.ca <maiko at pcs.mb.ca>:
> Hi Michel, Hi Ruben,
> > I am using under the same Debian and it is very unstable.
> Believe me, I'm frustrated to hear this. Are you guys sure
> this is just not a case of one of the following :
>   1) netrom traffic coming in, but NETROM is not configured
>      in your autoexec.nos ?
> or
>   2) aprs traffic coming in, but APRS is not configured in
>      the autoexec.nos file ?
> > My high-uptime is 2 hours with very low activity.
> My uptime is over 8 days so far.
> > I think that problem could be gcc version.
> I don't know. I use Slackware 9.1 for my system.
> > I have sent a lot of reports to Maiko about crashes and
> > he will work with it when he will have some time.
> All the crashes that I have looked at that Ruben reported
> were indeterminable. They all suggested corrupted stack areas,
> and such. No clear picture of where the crashes are happening
> as far as GDB is concerned. That makes this hard to track down.
> Is the CURSES lib any different under Debian distros ? I'm
> wondering if bumping up the CURSES overhead would help, although
> that is more a bandage solution then a real one :-(
> Can you both send me the autoexec.nos you are using for
> which these crashes are occuring ? Also, both of you please
> send me your 'uname -a' and 'gcc -v' results if you don't
> mind. Thanks.
> Maiko
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