[nos-bbs] TUN0 addressing w/JNOS atop Linux

Tim Gorman ab0wr at ab0wr.net
Thu Jan 12 16:46:18 EST 2006


Ok, you've lost me on the tunneling. Is there a document somewhere I can read 
up on this?

Or can you explain the tunneling bit a little more?

tim ab0wr

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 21:39, maiko at pcs.mb.ca wrote:
> Hi Jay,
> > This box will be configured as a HamGate, so his Public IP on his eth0
> > interface ( *MUST* be delivered to the JNOS application
> > because he *will* be running IPIP encapsulation to all the other HamGates
> > across the world and this IP is what's published in encap.txt.
> How is he connected to the internet ? By the looks of the
> hostname, I am guessing CABLE or DSL *direct* from the modem
> to the computer. Am I correct ?
> > shell ifconfig tun0 pointopoint mtu 1500 up
> Nope ! If he is connected direct to the internet he'll have to have
> something like the following :
>  ip address
>  shell ifconfig tun0 pointopoint mtu 1500 up'
>  shell ifconfig tunl0 up
> NOTE: your NOS now has an ip address of, but the gateways
> entry will be going to - and LINUX does the ENCAP !
> The encap.txt can not be used inside of JNOS, instead he would have
> to have a munge script to process the encap.txt on the linux side,
> since the linux will do the TUNNELING (ip-ip).
> Don't confuse the TUNL0 (ip-ip tunneling) with the TUN0 (network device).
> I hope this is not too confusing. But that's what I *used* to do. Having
> a firewall/router (ADSL router) box is handy, especially with the DMZ
> feature, you can actually tell the router to DMZ to the JNOS side of
> the TUN link between JNOS and Linux ( ptp
> for example), then you can do the encap.txt inside JNOS like before.
> Hopefully that's enough for you to play with for now.
> Good luck.
> Maiko
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