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Tue Dec 12 18:48:59 EST 2006

Great & informative response Jay - thanks for the time you spent writing
Let's focus on one small aspect for this moment:(?)

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 16:59 -0500, Jay Nugent wrote:

> Greetings Skip,


>    So per the Michigan convention for setting up the SSID's on a JNOS box 
> we have:
> ax25 alias YPSI
> ax25 bbs WB8TKL-3
> ax25 mycall WB8TKL-4
> ax25 ttycall WB8TKL-5
> convers mycall WB8TKL-6
>    And you say you have succesfully set ALL these services to an SSID of 
> -1.  Let me ask how you connect to the TTYLINK console port without -5?  
> And how do you connect directly to the CONVerse bridge without -6?  

On the subject of only CONV bridge.
I did not specify "convers mycall ..." and the sysop response to "conv
mycall" is "" or null - thus it defaults to k8rra-1(?).
I did specify "convers host GHWEST" the alias specified by "ax25 alias
GHWEST" as above in your example (same for NET-ROM).

Is'nt it a misnomer to "connect to CONV bridge" since "connect" syntax
is intended for BBS-to-BBS interconnect via AX-25?
NOTE: at k8rra BBS, "connect vhf-1 wa8rsa-6" fails to execute a
However from the BBS command line the CONV function seems to work
normally from both k8rra and wa8rsa with my config.
This is perhaps because CONV is based on TCP-IP link and not the AX-25
Thus - convers mycall adds no functionality to k8rra (that I have

So now: What am I missing that is basic to the need for the -6 SSID?



As an addendum - NET-ROM connects from remote sites to "GHWEST" and
"k8rra-1" quite normally via AX-25 I believe.
No special SSID for NET-ROM service only at k8rra-1.
The SSID at wa8rsa is set to -7 where -4 is the BBS & hamgate..
Thus I conclude that both options work and it becomes owner choice...

de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
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