[nos-bbs] Setting up linux serial port

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Tue Apr 12 11:35:25 EDT 2005

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 02:42:59PM +0300, Demetre Valaris wrote:
> Gene Mayler wrote:
> >Hi Bob,
> >
> > 
> >
> >>attach asy ttyS0 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600
> >>   
> >>
> >
> >But, what do you do in Linux to make ttys0 work?
> >
> > 
> >
> Nothing if you want only JNOS to use the TNC.

It *may* be necessary to run setserial, particularly if you are using a 
multiport card with other than ttyS0-3.

Here is the description of setserial from the Debian package of same:

Description: Controls configuration of serial ports
 Set and/or report the configuration information associated with
 a serial port. This information includes what I/O port and which IRQ
 a particular serial port is using.
 This version has a completely new approach to configuration, so if you
 have a setup other than the standard ttyS0 and 1, you will have to get
 your hands dirty.
 By default, only COM1-4 are configured by the kernel, using IRQ 3 and 4.
 If you have other serial ports (such as an AST Fourport card), or
 if you have mapped the IRQs differently (perhaps COM3 and 4 to other
 IRQs to allow concurrent access with COM1 and 2) then you must have this

Bob, N7XY

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