[nos-bbs] Remote AX25 Attach with JNOS

Andre v Schayk andre at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Fri Apr 8 01:32:58 EDT 2005

wa7nwp at jnos.org schreef:

>>Given AXUDP and AXIP, which would be preferred?
>Thanks again for all the info.  It's making more
>sense and I'm about ready to jump in and start using
>Next couple questions..
>1.  Ok.. AXUDP gives me an AX25 circuit virtualized on
>UDP packets.  That's cool and useful.   But...  assuming
>I have a linux box with a RF port AX0 and an AXUPD port
>Au0 (or whatever) -- is there some way to route ALL the packet
>traffic on AX0, from RF, out the AXUDP port so the remote
>system see's it?  This would be bidirectional so packets from
>the AXUDP client would be transmitted.   This is exactly what
>we get locally with the 'net2kiss' tool.
you have to use net2kiss to feed the data to ax25ipd but you will have 
to disable the call check routine in the source to have ax25ipd create a 
default route, that option is not available in udp mode (the option udp 
in a route skips the checking for the d and b option).

>2.  Anybody thinking about dynamic AXUDP setups?  By dynamic,
>I mean one where it's not configured ahead of time by the sysop.
>A client would "login" with the appropriate credentials and
>establish an AXUDP circuit.   This is analogous to the Igate
>and clients of the APRS world.   Having an easy way like this
>to participate in the network would not only be very useful for
>various projects, but would make it far easier for new folks
>to join in and get their feet wet.   We could have a "rotate.ampr2.org"
>or similar for major network servers and it wouldn't matter to the
>client which one they connected to.
Technicaly it could probably be done but I think the trafic load would 
be far greater then APRS-IS, the aprs stream already is to big for a 9k6 
channel even in full duplex.

>73 and tnx again.
>Bill - WA7NWP
73 de Andre PE1RDW

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