[hfsig] Sidebands on Raspberry Pi WSPR carrier

Brad Farr taprsig at unsupported.org
Sun Sep 4 10:06:28 EDT 2016

I'm new at this, but I observed the same thing in my initial testing, and was about to ask the same question.

An example:

From the raspberry pi -

Desired center frequency for WSPR transmission: 14.097166 MHz
  Waiting for next WSPR transmission window...
  Obtained new ppm value: 1.16522
  TX started at: UTC 09-04-2016 13:38:01.002
  TX ended at:   UTC 09-04-2016 13:39:51.679 (110.678 s)

And what I decoded -

1338  -26  -0.9   14.097006   -1   KW1BF         DN41     10
1338  -21  -0.9   14.097126   -1   KW1BF         DN41     10

Some details -
Raspberry Pi 2, the TAPR wspr board is connected via coax to an OCF dipole (an MFJ-2012), but I observed the same thing with a piece of random wire.
For receiving I used a Sony ICF-2010, in the same room as the raspberry pi, with no external antenna, and with the built in telescoping antenna fully retracted and folded. The local/DX attenuator switch set to local, and RF gain slider at about midpoint. Dial frequency 14095.6 kHz, USB mode. Using WSPR-X on a Mac.

If there are other things I should try or observations I should report, please let me know.


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