[hfsig] HF performance under 200 miles?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 10 09:44:37 EDT 2016

For under say 200 miles, what is the best band round the clock?

Given that a 1 Watt WSPR transmitter performs as if it was 1000W due to
processing gain, couldn't it punch through the day time noise?

And APRS only has to go say 200 miles to the nearest HFgate to provide
almost total coverage of the USA because every where is within 200 miles of
a city where maybe a ham will be running an HF gate?

So that is the question.  Forget the high noise levels... WSPR can work
through that.  what band will provide the connectivity 24/7/364 over that
200 to 300 mile range?

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