[hfsig] bytes per minute

chris at yipyap.com chris at yipyap.com
Tue May 17 17:22:34 EDT 2005

I understand 'Net' bytes per minute to be the rate
of "user" data through the channel.  The channel
itself may involve compression, forward error correction
or other methods which increase or decrease the
number of bytes per second put through the channel
to achieve that level of user data flow.

According to this page,
the rate for MT63 is 20 characters per second with
a 2khz bandwidth, which would be ~ 20 Bps, and 160 bps.
That would be (20 * 60 ) 1200 Bytes per minute.

Twenty characters per second, 5 character "words", 60 seconds
per minute, would give 240 WPM (?)

This page:
says Pactor II max is 1200bps, roughly 7.5 times faster.


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