[hfsig] DOMINOEX - New Mode Announcement!

Greenman Family coombedn at ihug.co.nz
Sun Dec 18 23:19:15 EST 2005

Hi folks -

We've done it again! After two years of development, I am pleased to 
announce a GREAT NEW MODE for you to enjoy over the holiday period! You 
may never use RTTY again!

This mode is a serious contender for NVIS propagation on 80m and 40m, 
and also works well on other bands. It is fast, slick, reasonably narrow 
and has no tuning difficulties. The mode uses a varicoding technique and 
achieves high typing speeds with an extended-ASCII character set. Six 
speeds are offered - like a manual (stick shift) car, when the going 
gets tough, just change down!

The new mode is called DominoEX. It uses a completely new modulation 
technique called Offset Incremental Frequency Keying, which is an 
MFSK-family technique, using 18 tones. This technique solves both the 
tuning difficulties of other narrow modes, and adds considerable 
tolerance of low-band multi-path effects by avoiding repeated and 
adjacent tones.

Sensitivity is very good, and the mode is reasonably robust without 
requiring FEC, and is so easy to tune it will handle offsets up to 200Hz 
and drift up to 200Hz/minute! The application carries and displays a 
full-time 'secondary channel' for automatic ID. You can change the ID 
message any time.

A simple fully functional Windows sound card application demonstrating 
the new technology has been written by Con ZL2AFP, and is available for 
FREE DOWNLOAD on my web site. This application looks good, has nice 
built-in macros, good meters, and the clearest, most sensitive waterfall 
you will have EVER seen!

A DLL for MIXW is under development. This will be open source and 
available for other developers. We expect to have versions of the mode 
in MULTIPSK and probably for LINUX in the New Year. Other applications 
for Offset IFK technology are being considered, and in time FEC and file 
transfer options will be added.

For more information and to download the working application, see:


All the technical info and Help stuff is there as well. Support will be 
via the Yahoo MFSK Reflector, so don't reply direct to me, and please 
read the FAQ at the above site before you fire off questions!


Murray ZL1BPU

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