[hfsig] Call for Papers - SWOH digital Symposium, Jan 15, 2005

Hank Greeb hgreeb at one.net
Tue Jul 20 14:34:48 EDT 2004

Press Release: July 20, 2004

Call for Papers

Technical presentations are solicited for presentation at the 19th
Annual Southwest Ohi Digital Symposium, to be held January 15, 2005 in
Middletown, Ohio. The Symposium location is Thesken Hall, on the
Middletown Campus of Miami University.

Submission of  ideas are cordially invited, and if we hear about you,
but not from you, we'll be hounding you!  More information is

The SWOH Digital Symposium is a regional conference, and features the
ideas and workings of folks generally within a 500mile (or so) radius of
Middletown.  Presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to
exchange ideas and learn about recent hardware and software advances,
theories, experimental results, and practical applications. Topics which
we'd like to include, are::

Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS)
Coherent CW
Digital satellite communications
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Digital voice
Emergency and Homeland Defense backup digital communications
Global position system
HF digital modes
History of Digital Communications
IEEE 802.11 and other Part 15 license-exempt systems adaptable for
Amateur Radio
Internet interoperability with Amateur Radio networks
Linux and other non-Microsoft Operating Systems in Amateur Radio
Mesh and peer to peer wireless networking
Orphan Computers and Ham Radio Applications
Precise Timing
Short messaging (a mode of APRS)
Software defined radio (SDR)
Spread spectrum
TCP/IP networking over Amateur Radio
Updates on AX.25 and other wireless networking protocols

The web site for this symposium will be updated soon, but to get a
flavour of what we have done in the past, see http://www.swohdigi.org/

Send your ideas and suggestions for topics, as well as names/calls of
probable presenters (if not you, then who?) to n8xx at arrl.net.

73 de n8xx Hg

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