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Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Fri Aug 20 18:21:10 EDT 2004

What specs are you talking about?  I can give you what I think the
DHS/FEMA and ARRL are looking for in a highspeed, robust, sound card
modem and message system.

In fact, I think I sent this out earlier this week.


tattje wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I don't quite understand your comments about pactor 2.
> It's not expensive because a waveform like that can run on any PC.
> LBT is essential in auto-connect systems, but are we discussing these kind
> of systems?
> I have seen very odd specs of systems like 2400 bits/sec at -10 dB S/N? Wake
> up everyone!
> I think that going back to specs should be the first thing to do. What is
> really needed: high throughput, high prob. of connect ? Look at systems that
> are known to survive, by the way pactor 2 is one of them, just as old ccir
> 625.
> The question nobody asked is: what is the bandwidth available? more
> bandwidth means more throughput by the way,
> I think everyone is just shouting, just take some time to think about what
> we really need and what is possible.
> Regards
> Henk
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> I cannot even begin to imagine a worse solution than the SCS PTC.  It is a
> closed
> design,  it is very expensive,  Pactor-II does absolutely NO checking of the
> channel for occupancy before transmitting. I could go on but that ought to
> be
> enough.  They really must have been desperate to choose this approach.
> Starting
> from scratch would be better.  If you produced a solution that was half as
> efficient of spectrum as Pactor-II (even if it were designed by someone that
> knew
> anything) and it was open and free, no one will use the SCS PTC.  What
> happens to
> the emergency channels com's if SCS goes out of business tomorrow?  We need
> an
> OPEN SOURCE, runs on ANY platform, solution for completely versatility.
> Bob
> N4HY
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> dubose at texas.net wrote:
> > LinLink
> ........... Is it similar to WinLink 2000? These guys have been working
> this hard here in Florida, I worked with it a bit during the storm, it
> appeared to be quite impressive. I guess the idea would be to have some-
> thing that both of them will interoperate with. I am no lover of Windows
> but seems these guys are on to something, even if it is on a OS that is
> a house of cards.
> This is the link to their site
> http://winlink.org/
> Chuck Hast
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