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Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Wed Aug 4 19:30:31 EDT 2004

"Eric S. Johansson" wrote:

> I see those as overpriced solutions requiring new RF hardware
> investment.  every time that happens, you are looking at a $500 to $1000
> investment and look at what you get for your money.  A 19.2k raw bit
> rate link?  for 9 dollars I got a 11mb raw bit rate link.  and for
> another cheap long distance link technique, look at this:
> http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/

Of course LinLink had two thrusts...on is high-speed on HF the other is
high-speed on V/UHF...and by that I mean 19.2 KBPS as the botton and 54
to 100 MBPS as the current top end.

> Instead of going after the old packet stuff, look at taking something
> like mfsk16 and expanding it over a full 3 kHz and see what kind of data
> rate you can get out of it.  If you can come up with a new RF deck
> design, try taking the same type of technique and spreading it over say
> 100 kHz.  Don't forget we have VHF spectrum that will let us do that.

MFSK16 is more robust than MT63 but the not as fast ans MT63.  I belive
that improvements can still be made in MT63's modem to make it faster.

> I believe we can start approaching usable data rates using ordinary
> sound cards.  But unfortunately, I don't have the sound card modem
> knowledge to back that up.  Would love to have a conversation with
> someone who does.

Yes, we MUST exploit the use of sound cards.

> in the end however, remember that it will be the e-mail infrastructure
> that is important not how you get e-mail around.  asking emergency users
> to use unfamiliar software to communicate in a time of high stress we'll
> cost us credibility points.  If we can drop in a box and RF link and
> they can use ordinary laptops with tools like Eudora or Thunderbird to
> get their job done, then we win big-time credibility.

The message entry form is important.  I have Web Mail inputs that have
been used in E-Comms and liked.  Everyone know how to use the web.
> we win bigger credibility if they can keep working over the Internet
> with minimal interruption when services are restored.

The idea is to use the Internet to our advantage...however, if it
becomes a burden then it won't be used.  The system will be designed
with the idea that the Internet will not be available.

> > The LinLink list is on the www.wetnet.org web site...check the left hand frame.

And it is www.wetnet.net

> >
> > Thanks for the input.
> you're welcome and I will check out the site


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