[aprssig] Polaric Server 2.12

LA7ECA, Øyvind la7eca at hans.priv.no
Wed May 3 09:56:07 EDT 2023


I just released version 2.12 of Polaric Server.

It is an advanced web based service to process and present APRS tracking 
on maps. Possibly along with geographical data from other sources such 
as AIS. It
was originally targeted for use by radio amateurs in voluntary search 
and rescue
service in Norway. It consists of a web application and a server backend 
(APRS daemon). In addition there are plugins that can be installed 
separately. The
server is written in Java and the client-webapp in Javascript based on 

The polaric-db-plugin utilizes a PostgresSQL database with PostGIS 
extensions to store data.
It can for example be used to go back in time and see snapshots or 
trails (for data that
is stored).

It is free and open source with deb packages and source-code on Github. 
Even if it is
originally target to Scandinavia, it can be used other places in the 
world with proper
configuration. Contributions are welcome.

More info in the documentation: https://polaricserver.readthedocs.io
A live online service is still running on https://aprs.no for the 
Norwegian Radio Relay

LA7ECA, Øyvind

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