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MJ Inabnit ke6sls at arrl.net
Thu Jan 12 19:10:54 EST 2023

Thank you all for the helpful info.  I copied and pasted message I get
when I search for my call: "The site is experiencing problems. Please
try again. (Message: Forbidden)"

Even when I drag it over to US, it doesn't show cities/towns or any aprs
activity at all.

I know Hessu is an outstanding hacker and will make the site rock as before.

I searched for a donate link or something since I would be pleased to
support this site & work Hessu has done.  I donate to the online SDR's
and happy to do it since they are so very  useful.

Thank you again for the info.

Jaye ke6sls

On 1/12/23 3:31 PM, Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> From Hessu in the the aprsfi google group:
>> I’ll have to do this to avoid a recurrence of a Noticeably Large bill
>> I got for Google Maps usage in December (think "one new nice HF rig
>> every month" large, or "one VERY nice HF rig every two months").
>> Google has had a very large and generous free quota for use of Google
>> Maps on aprs.fi, but it's been a bit unstable and sometimes a bit too
>> small after all, and I need a backup plan in case it goes away. 
> There's more information in that group as well as some discussion on
> Facebook about the switch and the OSM tile server that he is still going
> to end up paying for monthly.   Hessu is doing a serious service for the
> APRS community on his own nickel AFAIK.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
> On 1/12/2023 6:03 PM, Stephen H Smith via aprssig wrote:
>> On 1/12/2023 4:36 PM, MJ Inabnit wrote:
>>> This morning, I tried to open aprs.fi and received a very odd map,
>>> somewhere on a planet.  I just tried again this afternoon.  If I put in
>>> my call it has an error-denied..  Is this an issue with my ISP or is
>>> everyone having issues trying to access aprs.fi?
>>> Tnx & 73
>>> j
>> Just tried it on my  own calls.  It appears that aprs.fi has switched
>> from Google Maps to Open Street Map with it's awful generic art work. 
>> This includes all route markers appearing as a generic box that makes
>> Interstate highway numbers look the same as state and local roads. 
>> Is Google imposing some new onerous terms-of-use forcing the switch?
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wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--via the toshiba w/thunderchicken

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