[aprssig] Information organization

Charles Gallo charlie at thegallos.com
Thu Feb 17 15:55:51 EST 2022

And the arguing about it, instead of just correcting it, and submitting 
a pull request is what will drive people away from the group, and from 
participating, leading to the death of APRS

What prevents someone from creating "NotQuiteAPRS", putting it out 
there, and saying WE are going to run this on 144.390?  It could be 
partly, or even mostly compatible, or have compatibility as a legacy 

This is the issue with driving folks away, instead of doing edits to 
what you know is wrong

73 de KG2V

> The problem is when it is done publicly, and especially in a public
> collaboration. A non-trivial amount of what is on aprs.org and other
> places about APRS is wrong, including some stuff already in this
> document. Making wrong information easier to find is indeed
> potentially harmful.
> Steve K4HG

Charles Gallo

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