[aprssig] Why do we not use APRS 9600?

DANA MYERS k6jq at comcast.net
Wed Feb 16 16:57:48 EST 2022

>     On 02/16/2022 1:49 PM Jason Rausch <jason at ke4nyv.com> wrote:

>     My friend Remi VE2YAG and I are dusting off some ESP32 model designs now that we're thinking could potentially be good for 1200 and 9600 baud, but no promises just yet.
I did this science fair project a few years ago, started adding APRS-IS
receive-only support and stuff. This is really pretty-much the result of an extended
"hold my beer" exercise. The modem and packet handler work pretty well, though.

Now I'm tempted to lash an audio codec to a ESP32-S3 and see if it works better.


Dana  K6JQ
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