[aprssig] Equipment?

Brian Webster info at wirelessmapping.com
Tue Feb 15 12:07:36 EST 2022

My latest toy with APRS is the didigpi http://craiger.org/digipi/ 


I have that running on some old Wilson VHF HT with Direwolf being the main TNC in the device. It’s my I-gate station connected to my home network. It allows me to run multiple APRS clients using AGWPE ports. It’s a decent user appliance device for all digital modes but I am liking it as my I-gate. Cheap enough to build that I am putting together a couple of others for portable use etc.


Otherwise I have been running a number of different hardware TNC’s that I have stacked up around here. I have not taken a plunge in to any dedicated APRS radios. Various mobiles and HT’s are still the mainstay for me. I do have some old trackers that get put to use for events, a tinytrak and a couple  opentrackers. I standardized on the old 5 pin DIN packet connectors that MFJ and Paccomm used. I have a drawer full of interface cables to various model radios. These days based on my other packet activity I have started moving over to radios that have the 6 pin mini DIN connection. There are a lot of adapters for computer devices and specific radio models that use that standard. 


I can tell you that Direwolf even on an old HT clearly outperforms and of the hardware TNC’s I have used over the years. There are many software packages and programs that implement Direwolf, from Raspberry Pi’s to Windows to Linux. It’s a nice way to go if you ask me. My next project is to replace the stereo in an older car with a double DIN mount unit that runs Linux as the OS and install an APRS client on it and probably connect it to one of the digipi’s. The goal is to have a heads up mapping APRS client in the dash using RF not cellular data connections (although it can do that too). Just put some basic radio on the APRS frequency.


Thank you,

Brian N2KGC


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KENWOOD D710, D710GA, RC-D710


YAESU FT-1500 using PK-232mbx to UIview

Tiny Track 3, 4






On Monday, February 14, 2022, 08:51:08 PM EST, Earl Needham <earl.kd5xb at gmail.com> wrote: 



What are people using for mobile APRS these days?


The last setup I had was a HamHUD, and it was getting somewhat dated already.






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