[aprssig] Online Wake for The Father of APRS

Arte Booten pn2zrc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 20:47:22 EST 2022

Hi all,

Many of us, especially those that harken back to the era when APRS meant 
what we refer to today as APRSdos, have our stories of encounters we've 
had with Bob. Here's mine.

I attended the Rochester (New York) Hamfest probably twenty years ago. 
I'd been looking in the flea market for a suitable computer to dedicate 
to APRS and found just the thing in a Zenith luggable "laptop" 386. With 
my newly acquired antique, I proceeded to the ARRL Forum and found a seat.

A gentleman sat down next to me and commented on my acquisistion. I told 
him I'd bought it to use with this program called APRS and asked if he'd 
ever heard of it. It was only then that I saw the WB4APR badge on his shirt!

I think my cheeks turned about the shade of a ripe delicious apple...

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