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Thu Feb 10 10:04:20 EST 2022

Like many of you, I knew Bob personally and talked with him periodically over the years.  I met Bob when I was 19 at the 2002 Dayton.  From then on spent time with him at future Dayton's, DCC's, was honored when he invited me to start presenting at the Dayton APRS forum each year I brought my company there.  Had a couple meals with him.  He was fun to be around and listen to.  Yes, he was set in his ways, but I think it all came from a good place, deep in his heart because he stood behind his ideals no matter what.  I admire that quality.
I was genuinely saddened upon learning of his death the other night.  I had heard he was having health issues, but I honestly didn't know it was cancer and that he was that bad off.  He did a good job keeping it fairly quiet.
I have to admit with my job, company and moving several times in the last five years I have been "Off the map" and not very active on APRS.  His death has sparked me to change that, get my gear out and get it going again.  As much as Bob hated trackers ;o), that's the first thing I'll get going again, just so I can get active and add a memorial to him in my position comment.
I went back through my picture archives and found a couple I took of/with him at the Dayton in 2002.  I'll attach them to this email, if anyone would like to see them.
Bob, you're no longer suffering.  Rest in peace and I'll miss you, friend.
Jason RauschKE4NYV.com

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    On Thursday, February 10, 2022, 09:44:35 AM EST, g8pzt--- via aprssig <aprssig at lists.tapr.org> wrote:  
 I was shocked and saddened to hear of this. I didn't know that Bob was ill. 
Yes we are all getting older, but I don't agree with the idea that we should just "let aprs die".
They tried to get rid of Morse, steam trains, analogue radio, packet, rtty etc, and yet they're still around.
It's a hobby. We enjoy tinkering. Sometimes new ideas come to us when we least expect it. I'm sure that will happen with aprs, as it sounds like there are still authors out there who are willing to write aprs apps.
73, Paula g8pzt_______________________________________________
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