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Wed Feb 9 14:01:50 EST 2022

On Feb 9, 2022, at 1:31 PM, Andrew Pavlin <spam8mybrain at yahoo.com> wrote:
> If APRS is going to decline gracefully, let's let it do so gracefully, not in a war of uncoordinated divergence. When no new functionality is delivered (all software vendors stop producing updates, all hardware vendors stop creating new products with embedded APRS), then it's time for APRS to die. But Yaesu recently released a new radio model with APRS built in, so I don't think new development of APRS is dead yet.

Anytone also released a limited APRS receive function on new radios. But it is a small fraction of the protocol, and it is buggy. I have not played with the new Yaesu, but they have never done as well with APRS as Kenwood did, it would be nice if that has changed. But manufacturers including an APRS capability is not a sign of vitality nor a predictor of longevity. That has to come from within the community. 

> So having a standards body to manage evolution of the APRS standards is a good thing, as long as it is still evolving.

If APRS is going to die, why should anyone put out the effort? That is my worry, and what I consider the most likely scenario. Some people may take on managing one small part, but no one steps forward to lead a group. Things degenerate into a number of poorly interacting fiefdoms. Look at Hamshack Hotline for a ham system with that problem after only a few years. Bob kept that from happening in APRS. If there is no group to lead, APRS will indeed die. Maybe fast, maybe slow, I don't know. But after 25 years as an APRS developer and the last of the original group still active, it shouldn't, and certainly won't, be me at the helm. APRS needs new blood. The question is, is there any?

Steve K4HG

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