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Wed Feb 9 12:17:18 EST 2022

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> programmers in APRS to come together, but no one stepped forward. We talked about it, and I told him I thought it would not happen until he made his diagnosis public and involved the larger community. He did not want to do that, so I agreed to help as I could. I have control of aprs.org, and TAPR has the paperwork to transfer the APRS trademark.

Is there a proper, preferably extensible, APRS protocol document?  Bob
was visionary, but it always seemed like he was adding things to the
system without a plan.

I'm not a programmer, just a user, so maybe that wasn't really true,
but watching for years that seemed to be the way it was.

If there is not a proper standard (created with whichever
standard-creating standard you find meets your standards) would be a
good first step.  Something something jello, something something nail.

I know AX.25 is ... old ... but maybe something at the application
level that will work over any underlying topology/methodology?

RIP, Bob.

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