[aprssig] APRS Object & Weather format

Nick VA3NNW tapr at noseynick.com
Sat Oct 23 16:44:41 EDT 2021

Matthew Adair wrote:
> Page 66 of the APRS101 document gives two example weather report 
> formats as objects:
> # Complete Weather Report Format — with Object and Lat/Long position
> ;BRENDA *4903.50N/07201.75W_220/004g005t077r000p000P000h50b09900wRSW
> ;BRENDA   *092345z4903.50N/07201.75W_220/004g005b0990
> The second object parses correctly. The first one does not.
> From what I can figure out, the reason is because the first object 
> doesn't have a valid time stamp. The 101 spec seems to indicate that 
> Objects require a time stamp. So, is the first object truly invalid, 
> or is a weather object without a timestamp a valid exception?

You're right. OBJECTS ';' should have timestamps. Best guess, this was 
supposed to be either an ITEM ')BRENDA!' or possibly not have BRENDA and 
be just a position (without timestamp) '!' or '='. I think any of these 
would be valid?

)BRENDA!4903.50N/07201.75W_220/004g005t077r000p000P000h50b09900wRSW item
!4903.50N/07201.75W_220/004g005t077r000p000P000h50b09900wRSW pos
;BRENDA   *092345z4903.50N/07201.75W_220/004g005b0990 obj with zulu time


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