[aprssig] Fwd: Re: DC Power Pole to USB for Pi 4 computers

wa7skg wa7skg at wa7skg.com
Wed Mar 24 23:42:07 EDT 2021

I'll make yet another plug for the MoPi2 Hot Swap Power Board. This is a 
great adjunct for any RPi. It has two power inputs on screw capture 
terminals which easily have a couple wires that can go to PowerPoles.

The problem with PowerPole to USB is the teensy tiny 30 gauge wires in a 
USB connector. You will have to solder them to a bigger wire to go to 
the Powerpole anyway. Feeding via the header pins is a much better 
choice than trying to hook PowerPoles to a USB connector.

Michael WA7SKG

MJ Inabnit wrote on 3/24/21 1:05 PM:
> Looks like a whole lot of folks are trying to find a nice tidy Power
> Pole power adapter to supply power to Raspberry Pi 4's.  I know there
> are many small companies building neat stuff like mini-APRS rigs.  So is
> anyone building a Power Pole power supply for the Pi's yet?  Any good
> tips or links would be very welcome as I plan to move my APRS and packet
> systems to a new Pi 4 in the near future.  All my gear is using the
> power poles and the rigrunner/MFJ power pole dc distribution boxes.
> Thanks all!  73
> Jaye ke6sls

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