[aprssig] Non-profit Tracking

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 27 11:32:15 EST 2021

This is an 1-degree off-topic question.  Rather than burden the list with responses, may I ask for direct replies?  Please don't kill someone if they reply-to-list by mistake anyway.  Lol.
I was contacted by a non-profit who needs to know where their cell phones are (or were the last time they were powered on) if they are lost.  They lose phones regularly it seems.
They are barred from using Google accounts and Google's location services by policy (they use an MDM that doesn't have location as a feature)...Microsoft Endpoint Management.
Is anyone aware of a "silent app" that can be installed on Android phones to allow date,time,imei(or similar),lat,lon to be reported to a database that later could be queried for last known location the next time a device is lost?  Or...be willing to offer a quote for such a thing?
Alternate approaches are welcomed too.  That was just an "opener".
Regards,Ev, W2EV
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