[aprssig] Options for robust digipeaters

Jim (List) jim.list at stuckinthemud.org
Mon Feb 8 16:24:59 EST 2021



I'm looking for advice on current offering for a robust, field-deployable
digipeater TNC/modem.


Over the years my go-to device has been the KPC-3+, mainly because when I
started out with APRS the sound-modem stuff was rubbish and not easily
deployed in the field without needing to be tweaked / set up each time. The
KPC-3+ is bomb-proof, out-performs most other hardware, low power and just
works (save for the known buffer/timing issues, but they were solved in
v9.1). I've never had one fail in 25 years (and I've had wide-area event
systems deployed with a dozen of them spread around the hills!).


The world has moved on and sound-modem stuff is now very good, so looking at
what options there are for something that has multi-functionality - i.e. can
be used at a centre or in a mobile for situation awareness, perhaps over
LAN/Wi-Fi with an appropriate tablet/computer, used as an iGate, as well as
"black boxed" with a radio for the hilltop where it can be just switched on
and left by someone without any ARPS / computer knowledge.


Units that would reliably handle 9600 would also be useful. Again 25 years
ago that was a problem, but radios from the "big three" (and I think some
others) have the appropriate connections.


So, any recommendations / thoughts?






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