[aprssig] Rocket Tracking

Will Marchant will at spaceflightsoftware.com
Mon Feb 1 09:32:10 EST 2021

I gave a talk at NARCON last year https://kw4wz.com/aprs/ about this. 
I've got some links on that page to receiver vendors.  You can give her 
my contact info if she has questions.

Sad about the Kenwood TH-D74 and TH-D72.  I love those radio.  I expect 
they'll get re-released or a new Kenwood model will come out with APRS 

I have a Yaesu FT3D and it's a good radio.

The menu system "philosophy" is different between Kenwood and Yaesu.  I 
find it easier to navigate the Kenwood philosophy.  But I know people 
that find the Yaesu much easier.  All these are great radios.

I've flown the BigRedBee product line in high power rockets for many 
years.  And I'm getting ready to augment that with an APRS enabled 
dual-deploy altimeter from Altus Metrum.

Both the Kenwood and Yaesu radios will "point" you to an APRS 
transmitter using a compass rose/bearing and distance.

I find having a beeper in the rocket helps with the "last ten meters" 
issues when dealing with high grass or tall corn.

On 1/31/21 4:43 PM, wa7skg wrote:
> I recently met a new ham who got her ham license because she is into 
> model rockets. She does the large scale ones that go thousands of feet 
> high. They have tracking and telemetry systems on board. However, she 
> doesn't know what it uses, just that it is ham radio. She wants to get a 
> handheld radio that will track her rocket. I'm going to guess this is 
> APRS. Anybody familiar with this? Any recommendations of what she should 
> get for a radio?
> Thanks.

Will Marchant, KW4WZ
will at spaceflightsoftware.com

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