[aprssig] AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus

Stephen H Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 21:55:17 EST 2021

On 12/9/2021 8:19 PM, MJ Inabnit wrote:
> Hi All,
> A local ham, who has never ventured into either APRS nor DMR has asked
> me if this radio would work on our analog (144.390) aprs network.  I
> don't know anyone who owns one.
> Thank you, 73
> j

Yes,  sort of....

On the digital side, this radio can send GPS position data to another similar 
radio, and request position data from another radio. It does this on-demand -- 
there is no auto-beaconing.   Note that this is GPS position data -- but it is 

On the analog FM side,it functions as a dumb (or should I say deaf) 
transmit-only tracker. it CAN send standard periodic automatic APRS-format 
position beacons. There is NO receive capability for APRS.   This website 
describes how to set up APRS on the analog side of the radio.  It even links to 
a page on my website for the APRS symbol selection chart.


Again, note that all it can do is SEND position beacons. It can not send APRS 
messages, or receive anything APRS.

The radio is dual-band with dual receive; i.e. you can monitor U/V , V/V  or 
U/U. I have no idea how it would handle VHF APRS auto-beacons on one side, if 
the other side is also on VHF.

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