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Andrew Pavlin spam8mybrain at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 12:57:34 EDT 2021

 Just in my opinion, it sounds like you're overloading the icons too much. One station can't have two different symbols at the same time. To quote from your telemetry example, if the station has green battery voltage but the power amp is overheating to red, what _one_ symbol will be reported for that combination? You can't flip-flop back and forth rapidly, because you'll clog the RF channel with excessive packets, plus the RF channel isn't reliable, so there is no guarantee that every single packet (with every state change of the symbol) will get through to a receiving station.
And where on the map display are you going to simultaneously display _all_ of your multiple weather station parameters for a single weather station? That sounds like you would need a custom tabular display with one row per station and one column per parameter, which then could be color-coded per ranges; I have a similar table in my YAAC application for monitoring the quality status of weather station parameters. But the station icon is for the state/type of the station as a whole, not just one parameter of it. Yes, for the flood gauge symbol codes, they are color-coded for the flood level, but that's really the only parameter a flood gauge station reports (it's not a weather station or Echolink gateway or anything else at the same time).

Regarding gateways and repeaters, we already have such symbol codes, with various overlay codes for different modes (i.e., Da for D-star gateway, Ya for Yaesu System Fusion gateway). For commonly useful other modes, Bob could assign other overlay codes (per the APRS 1.2 symbol code document http://aprs.org/symbols/symbols-new.txt ), as the LORA gateway symbol code was recently added.
Just my $.02 (or whatever currency you choose).
Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client")

    On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 10:29:35 AM EDT, Pierre F5OPV <f5opv at hotmail.fr> wrote:  
Hi everybody,

Hi Bob,

As Embedded Ham Objects (mcu driven devices)

I’m thinking about :

   - Analytic Wx stations with multiple parameters (T,P,H, Wind, Photovoltaic, Rain, UV, CO²…), each parameter individualized by an dynamic changing icon with comment analysis  (cf joined picture of local display on aprs.fi),
   - Gateways RF/IP (APRS, LoRa, RTTY, …) : colours and/or letters could individualise each modulation type,
   - Hotspots/Repeaters RF/IP (DMR, DStar, YSF, Analog, …) : colours and/or letters could individualise each traffic/equipment type,
   - Telemetry devices (remote display of technical data or state of distant and autonomous repeaters : voltage, RFpwr, SWR, PA températures, mains Failure, … ) where coloured and alphabetical label icons could represent each reported parameter and state (ex : Battery voltage : Green Circle (5 symbol) with alternate table ‘V’ overlay  : Voltage > 12v5 ;  Yellow Circle (4 symbol) with alternate table ‘V’ overlay  : 12v < Voltage < 12v5 ;  Orange Circle (3 symbol) with alternate table ‘V’ overlay  : Voltage < 12v ;  Red  Circle (2 symbol) with alternate table ‘S’ overlay  : SWR > 2 ; RF PA overheating : Red Circle ‘2’ with ‘P’ overlay …
   - Beacons and range and direction propagation reporters (data < 15’) : Green Circle ‘5’ + ‘L’ overlay : Tropo ducting > 100 miles (direction in comment or by changing overlay letter ) ;  Red Circle ‘2’ + ‘L’ overlay : Tropo ducting < 50 miles …
   - ….
It seems to me, if I’m not wrong, that symbols ‘1 to 9’ in the alternate table are unused.
So by applying only the alphabetic overlay of alternate table over the ‘1-9’ icons of the primary table (coloured circles joined picture)would increase possibilities of displaying numerous new objects on the aprs maps and would render, by this  way of multiple colours, the displays ofthis amazing modern APRS tactical network, more ‘cute’ . 
73 de F5OPV
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Can you begin to make a list of the objects you havr in mind?
On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 5:11 PM Pierre F5OPV <f5opv at hotmail.fr> wrote:

Hi Bob,
Hi everybody,
would it be possible to add  new symbols, relative to APRS of Things, mcu-driven devices for beaconing, telemetry, remote controlers, reporters... objects?
The aprs equivalent of IoT but specifically dedicated to mcu ham devices.
I’m thinking about icons based on coloured only symbols, similar to the '1 to 9' ones located in the primary table, but using the alternate symbols table,  thus allowing the use of alphabetic A-Z overlay over the 9 different coloured primary icons and greatly increasing possibilities and richness of Ham of Things icons set.
73 de F5OPV Pierre
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