[aprssig] What is APRS, really?

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Sat Oct 24 14:02:04 EDT 2020

On 10/23/20 1:32 PM, Ev Tupis via aprssig wrote:

>   Hi Bob.  As the person who has lead the charge for so long it is often difficult to step "up to the balcony to view the party as a whole", in summary.  I get it.  So, below is my perspective (as someone who has been APRS involved "from the beginning") is below.  -Ev, W2EV
> When talking about APRS to others, I start with a broad, "foundational" statement...
> ---
> APRS is the IoT of amateur radio, where sensors of all sorts automatically report information that humans may use to make informed decisions about things such as __(here is where you can insert the aspects that you are most interested in yourself)___ and even more.
> APRS is also the text-messaging service of amateur radio where humans can keep others informed in real time of things such as ___(insert the aspects of short messaging that are of most interest to you)___.
> APRS is even more, once you start to explore it, but it starts there.
> ---
> If/when presented with a puzzling look, I continue with a "next layer" of insight...
> APRS offers opportunities for...
> ... general hobbyists to transport small data packets of all types (let your imagination run) from geographically separated locations...many without Internet service.
> ...network nerds to inexpensively build APRS-infrastructure to benefit others;
> ...makers to produce IoT-like appliances and sensors of all sorts;
> ...public service and emergency communication groups like RACES and ARES to add situational awareness data to first responders of all types;
> ...and even more.  Think about all of the services that the public "Internet of Things" and texting provide.  Now, know that amateur radio and APRS has been doing it since before the Internet existed and can continue to provide those services when disaster takes the Internet offline even on a local basis.
> ---
> 'hope this is a helpful approach to others.
> Cheers,Ev, W2EV

By the way, there will be a possible international venue for some of us 
to talk about (and promote) APRS and other aspects of ham radio: IEEE 
International Conference on Communications, 14-18 June 2021, Montreal, 
Canada: https://icc2021.ieee-icc.org/

I plan to propose a tutorial session (including a practical demo), so if 
someone is interested in joining me, let me know a.s.a.p. because the 
deadline for proposals is in less than a week. I'd prefer to work with 
APRS experts from Canada, and USA as well, depending the distance to 
Montreal and pandemic situation, etc. Experience in public talks in 
academic & educational environments is highly welcomed.


Best regards,

Misko YT7MPB

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