[aprssig] What is APRS, really?

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Not even referencing other advantages or disadvantages, you're leaving out the part about cell phones not being a reliable form of communication across a fairly large part of the country and/or world. Outside of large cities and a mile or two off the interstates is a much different world than most of the population are acquainted to.
   [Go to Google Images and try "cell phone coverage maps" to get an idea of just how much cell coverage has blossomed, never minding Elon Musk's near future complete coverage. Then contrast that with the thinner APRS coverage map at Bob's aprs.org site. That map was 2008 and I can't help but think it's even skimpier now that APRS has shrunk.]

This is not to say APRS is not underutilized along with most other forms of amateur radio, but I'd rather leave the discussion of the reasons that is to others. The concept of APRS is a very, very powerful system. As Bob has been saying for how many years, it just needs to be thought of as something more than just location tracking.
   [Really, it is just location tracking despite the many other uses that Bob has thought of that aren't really used. Think Voice Alert, roadside traffic counting etc ...]
I loved it but its time has passed. Look at the traffic volume trend on this group, for instance.

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