[aprssig] APRS Meteor Scatter test!

Nick VA3NNW tapr at noseynick.com
Wed Nov 11 19:41:29 EST 2020

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> But the APRS-IS will be loaded.  WIll this bring it down? Or will the 
> first packet frame in the 15 second burst go into an IGAte and all the 
> rest will be ignored as dupe?  In that case it is only one packet per 
> minute per TX station?  But wait, Every packet will be identical so 
> they will all be dupes after the first.  So does this make it OK for 
> the APRSIS?

I think (approx) 1 will "get through" and all subsequent ones be 
considered dupes and dropped, at no great load to the APRS-IS backbone. 
This will unfortunately mean you won't be able to get a particularly 
good picture of who's receiving it, as only one "igate" will "get in the 
log". You might see slightly different views of "who got in first" 
depending on where you sit on the APRS-IS network, but certainly won't 
get a big picture or be able to publish "longest path records" or 
anything, at least not that way...

> The reason for being on 144.39 is so that no one but the TX stations 
> have to do anything.  Just look at their logs in the morning.
... and submit them via some other means than APRS-IS?


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