[aprssig] Multi control station situational awareness - How's this supposed to work?

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> Does anybody remember Usenet

not only remember it, but long for it every time I have to use a forum.

> an old package called UUCP [Unix-to-Unix CoPy] to transfer updates over
> dialup link

UUCP has lower overhead than TCP/IP and I've often suspected it would offer
superior throughput for low speed links (like 1200/9600 baud packet
links).  UUCP can also transfer email; i think it predated SMTP (or maybe
it was just parallel evolution for sites that were not part of the original
ARPAnet project). One downside to email over UUCP is that the address was
source routed.

I don't remember anything about the error detection/recovery of UUCP, but I
do remember that it was 7 bit ASCII, hence the uuencode/uudecode tools for
translating binary files to 7 bit ASCII and back.

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