[aprssig] alternative to direwolf?

Ron VE8RT ve8rt at yknwt.ca
Thu Jan 30 08:27:12 EST 2020

   for a couple of days I had a temporary Igate up while our normal
Igate was down.  I'd used direwolf, and a pi with a URDC II.  As
my .conf file for direwolf wasn't very refined I'd joined the .io group
and asked for assistance to clean it up.  The groups .io wiki page is
empty, I had one PM reply asking if I'd be interested in a couple of
unused URDC II.

   No wiki, and no response from the group, is there a supported
alternative to direwolf that may work with the URDC II?

   Heading out the door to work now.

       Ron VE8RT VE8TEA

Ron VE8RT <ve8rt at yknwt.ca>

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