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Thanks for that Info: I recently installed a dedicated Vertical for SAT use:  It is readily available to order on HomeDepot . Com, and it's a GREAT deal.A Tram; 1481  Dual Band 144/440 Vertical. (about $75!; a copy of Diamond) Despite this fact, I have yet to get INTO anything that passes USNAP1-1*>ARISS>APOFF <UI>:T#067,724,000,000,000,670,01000100 (for one)
I have copied most anything in the past six months, but as you found, the ISS Station is basically DEAD....well, that explains why I haven't copied THAT one.I have an AEA PK-900 set up with local APRS on Port 2, and SAT Frequency; 145.825MHz set up on Port1.NOTHING Gates to the local Network; 144.390. Can't figure out why.Matt; WA4TKG / 7J6CAT  From: MJ Inabnit <ke6sls at arrl.net>
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Subject: [aprssig] Packet on the ISS
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 11:03:28 -0800

I've become really interested in working the ISS on packet.  A fellow
ham was able to get his ping returned about 2 months ago which gave me

The last few weeks, I've planned my days around ISS passes and haven't
heard a peep.  Yesterday I found this:

Current Status of ISS Stations
as of 02/20/2020

​Columbus Module radios:

    Ericsson VHF-  Packet system stopped working (2/15).
    Ericsson UHF- Stowed.

    MarconISSta - Temp. stowed.

Looks like my odds of working the ISS are NIL at this point, but does
anyone have an idea how long the ISS will be down?  I've dug around here
but I really have not found any real "radio space news"..  Hopefully
someone here might know a little more.

Until then, my pings will remain "GROUNDED" :)



wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--
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