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Brian Webster info at wirelessmapping.com
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A few things come to mind:


Stream gauge/ water levels. Our ARES?RACES group routinely takes manual readings on stream measuring sticks placed on bridges. A calibrated sensor would have to be built to do this.


Voltage levels on remote sites. For ham radio projects run on solar/wind. Battery voltage and input voltages from panels or turbines would be good to know. This could also work for sites with regular commercial power but have an outage and on backup systems. Door opening alarms and such for these sites is an application as well.


RFID tags – Bob Bruninga published a page to be able to track operators in a high density environment, but this could also be applied to a public service even for accountability of assets or athletes. http://aprs.org/aprs-rfid.html


Argent Data systems produces the Tracker 4 APRS unit that has full telemetry/SCADA interface connections built in to the device. This allows connections to sensors or relays, many that are for IOT should be able to interface to this unit https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=200


This document talks about the OPENTRAC specs and protocol http://opentrac.org/spec.pdf


The Byonics TinyTrak 4 also has telemetry features: Telemetry Transmitter Telemetry data can be sent with the TinyTrak4 Alpha firmware. Supply voltage, ambient temperature, up to 5 external voltage source, and up to 8 digital inputs can be sampled and transmitted. The MT-TT4 does not have a temperature sensor. Analog data should be in the 0V – 5V range, and can be sent as either 8 or 10-bit data. https://www.byonics.com/tinytrak4


So the IOT/Telemetry idea is much closer to reality than most may be aware of. 


Thank You,

Brian N2KGC



Thank You,

Brian N2KGC

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On a related note, I’m working on an apartment building’s basement temperature monitor that uses APRS because the area has no Wi-Fi, it’s in a basement in an 8 story building (so i can’t beam Wi-Fi or zigbee or LoRA to it effectively),  cell network access is present but an LTE module, SIM, and service plan for even a few MB/month is extremely overpriced. Meanwhile, there is a digipeater/iGate well within range that receives packets from the location using my Baofeng UV-5R on low power. 


I want to monitor the basement because I think it stays cold/warm enough throughout the winter that it could be a good place to store my lagering beers. 


Arguably the CWOP weather stations dotted all over the country is a perfect example of a constellation of sensors reporting their current weather situation, routed to NWS and distributed to the public through a basic GIS system. 


What other applications (besides weather and beer temp monitoring) would APRS IoT enable? 



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W2EV wrote:

> Imagine having a constellation of sensors, reporting back "situational
> data in real time.  Imagine a router to redirect the applicable data from
> APRS-IS to a command center where it can become simply another "layer" 
> in their realtime/situational GIS.

Here are some thoughts about combining Ham Radio with IoT:


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